Thursday, April 5, 2012

Working For A Living

Princess Penelope is firmly ensconced in week 2 of the working world. I must say, I was a little worried last week that this first job was going to be a disaster. She was coming home exhausted, grumpy and frustrated. The problem wasn't the work exactly, it was more the chaos, glitches and frustration.

I kept telling her that those things go along with the opening of a brand new business and that things were going to level out. I was really hoping they would because I did not want her first job to be terrible, that just does NOT bode well for a good attitude about working going forward. So, I kept my fingers crossed, tried to keep up a positive attitude and hoped for the best.

Last night she came home from work. She was tired. She was hungry. But she was NOT grumpy. She said it went MUCH better last night. We chitchatted about her school and work day while I put together some food for her. She told me about some funny things that happened, some cool stuff and last, a couple of minor irritations. She was in a much better frame of mind when she went to bed than she had been last week.

We've got a checking account opened for her, a saving plan in place and she LIKES her job. I think that's a good start to working for a living.

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  1. Welcome to the workforce! Sounds like a typical day at the office. ;)