Friday, April 27, 2012

Fiscal Fast Day 1

I managed to get through Day 1 of not spending money without any mishaps! Day 1 was actually pretty easy day!

I went to work. At lunchtime, I went to the bank to make a teensy deposit into my account (this was accounted for in the $172), and to also make a transfer from the Princess's checking account to her savings account. (Right now, she's putting 50% of her earnings into savings, half of that to fund her post graduation trips, and half to save for college). So far she's been able to save $248. Then I went to my Mom's to water her plants since she is out of town.

After that, back to work for the afternoon. Immediately after work I went to Zumba, which is prepaid(you get a $1 discount per class if you pay for 10 classes at one time). And then, home --- dinner was leftovers from earlier in the week.

I still have to get to Aldi at some point this weekend because we do need some produce, bread, and rice cakes, but I planned that into the $172 because with my dental work this week, I just wasn't up to a trip to the grocery store. I'm thinking I will probably go right after work today so I don't have to interrupt my yardwork time to do it this weekend.

On a breathe a sigh of relief, my Alabama Tax Refund Check arrived in the mail yesterday. I have decided to not deposit it until after payday unless a REAL emergency crops up. If I can make it through to payday, then I will deposit the check and apply it to my credit card (which was my original plan for it anyway). I think at this point I need to "suffer" through the not spending to get myself back on track. So far the Fiscal Fast is going well.

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