Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fiscal Fast Day 3 - The Snake in the Kitchen Edition

My Saturday version of the fiscal fast was going very well. I had washed and air dried a couple of loads of laundry. Cut the grass, weeded, weedeated, transplanted some coleus that was getting too much sun, gone around with loppers to cut back a bunch of stuff on the fence line. Good, hard, filthy work from about 9 a.m. to 4 p.m that left me too tired to even consider spending money!

And then IT happened. I walk in the house planning to shower and then bake some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies that the Princess had requested, and I saw IT. A gray snake with blackish markings, several feet long, ON MY KITCHEN FLOOR. So, I did what any self respecting person would do.... I screamed like a girl, grabbed my pups (who were making a beeline for it) by the collar, and scurried us all back onto the the screened porch where I had a minor major freakout.

I ran over to my next door neighbor's house hoping her husband would know what to do. Nope. But she at least knew who to call, so we called an animal control company. The guy told me it would be $389 for them to come out and there was no guarantee they would find or remove the snake. Yikes. So, I called my Dad instead. By this time, the snake had "disappeared".

So, my dad came over and so did my across-the-street neighbor (who apparently thinks snakes are cool and had seen my fb post while I was waiting for my Dad to get there) and we commenced searching for the snake. We took everything out of the kitchen cabinets, the pantry, moved the appliances. Searched closets, under furniture --- everywhere. Couldn't find him. The good thing is that it is likely not a poisonous snake --- from my description, my neighbor thought it was a gray rat snake and when I googled it, I have to agree. I took another friend's suggestion and blared music and stomped around because snakes don't like vibrations. We are hoping that with all the people, pups and noise, he has slithered back to where he came from.

However, I certainly was no longer in the frame of mind to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies or cook dinner for that matter. I sent the Princess a text at work advising her of the situation. She opted to eat dinner at work! Then I had her pick me up some fast food since she had my card with her. And since I wasn't making the cookies, she asked if she could get some ice cream. I have no clue what this cost me yesterday as I didn't even ask for receipts yet. I'd imagine about $10? So, I broke my fast yesterday completely unintentionally. And the Princess opted to spend the night out! Can't say I blame her.


  1. EWWWWWWW. Your snake story beats mine.

    Did you find it? Are you sure it isn't in the house somewhere? I don't think I could go back in the house until I saw it come out of my house.

    How did it get in???

    EW EW EW.

  2. Have NOT found it yet. Yeah, I know, my skin is still crawling. However, Thing 2 is very "into" critters, and I feel strongly that if it was still in our midst then she would be going after it. That being said, I did not sleep easy last night.