Friday, April 13, 2012

Where Are The Groceries?

Usually, I post at least one weekly grocery shopping trip. Lately, that hasn't been the case, because other than picking up a few things that were needed for Easter and Diamond Doll baking, I haven't done any shopping in two weeks. Time has definitely been a factor in this. We've been living in a rush. It seems we are on the go constantly. And while we aren't eating a bunch of fast food, we are currently living out of our pantry. And that pantry is starting to get a bit bare. As is the freezer. And the fridge.

It is time for a full clean-out and restocking of all three. But yikes, WHO has time? The Prom is finally this weekend --- and that means a full round of hair and nail appointments, picking up boutonierres, running to and fro, making sure the house is in tip top shape. All of those things are combining to tell me it may be Monday before I actually set foot in the grocery store.

I may actually cave and PICK UP takeout for a meal or two! That is not going to be good on a budget already stretched thin. I've got to carve out some time to plan some meals, peruse the circulars and get to the store. My budget will thank me if I do.

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  1. We've been like this over the couple weeks as well... I did do a bit of shopping yesterday, but not nearly enough to feed my family for the week! I need to make a list then hit the grocery store again! My youngest is just getting over being sick & now my odest girl is sick... no rest for the weary! ;)