Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Too Much To Do and Not Enough Time

I love Spring. Its my favorite time of the year. Its always so exciting to watch my plants emerge from their winter's nap and grow and bloom. I love watching Momma Birds tend to their babies. I love that I can go weeks without turning on either the heat or AC. I love the mild temps, the gorgeous days and even the plentiful rain (I can do without severe weather though, thankyouverymuch!).

The drawback with Spring, at least this year, is that I am simply overwhelmed at the things that must be done on the weekends. During the Spring, I count on my weekends to be able to keep up with both the house and the yard work that needs to be done. This Spring has consistently eaten up my weekends with goings and doings that had to be done: Prom Dress Shopping, College Visits, Volunteer Work, and still upcoming, Easter and Prom itself (no, I'm not going to Prom, but running around for it will take a good portion of that day!).

My yard is starting to look pretty good. The house, however is a disaster! I'll be honest and say that with the monotonous brain drain that is my job lately, I'm getting very little done at home in the evenings. Add in Zumba class, various meetings and other upheaval and I'm really getting very little done after work. So, I've made a plan for this weekend:

I am going to neglect yard work for one full weekend and get my house (and hopefully my life) in some semblance of order. I'm going to do as much cleaning as I can in between volunteer projects, cooking and Easter. I KNOW that I need a clean house to have a clear mind. And right now, the state of the house just is not allowing for that. So, while for most of the spring, if you need me, I'll be in the garden, for this weekend --- I'll be chasing dust bunnies.

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