Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fiscal Fast Day 2

I knew this was going to be a spend day. I had to pick up some groceries and my aching face from dental work did not put me in the right frame of mind to shop before my fast started. That's okay though, because I had planned for it, so at least it isn't a "fail" --- well at least in my mind.

So Friday looked like this:

Groceries: $26.44
Princess Allowance: $20

Ooops! I kind of forgot about the allowance, but rest assured, the Princess did not!

Day 2 spending was higher than I anticipated because of the allowance issue, however, I still think I can get through the rest of the fast without spending anything. Today, I plan to do yard work and laundry, air drying everything that I can (although I might have to put some jeans in the dryer for the Princess to wear to work, it isn't quite warm enough outside yet for them to air dry fast enough). Other than a quick trip out to my Mom's to water plants, I don't anticipate going anywhere else at all today. I'm trying to be good and not succumb to the siren song of a bunch of local garage sales!!!!

Our conservation of electricity is going well, although earlier this week, we did have to run the heat a bit --- temps overnight dropped into the 30s again necessitating running the heat, but then yesterday it was in the upper 80s! I was worried we might have to turn the air on when I got home, but the ceiling fans did the trick until the sun went down. I feel quite certain I can get through April without having to turn on the air, but I'm pretty doubtful about May! But wow, it sure would be nice to have 3 months in a row with power bills under $70!

Y'all have a happy Saturday!

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