Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Dog Ate My Chicken

So, as part of my grocery shopping this week, I picked up a 4lb bag of frozen chicken breasts. I thawed them in the fridge and began to cook them today. For our dinner tonight, I actually made one of the recipes I found on Pinterest --- Honey Sesame Chicken (in the crockpot!). It was actually pretty good, even though it was a healthier version because it was not breaded an fried (although I need to tweak it some because the sauce was not quite thick enough). Even the super picky princess liked it!

While I was bustling around the kitchen, I went ahead and cooked the remaining chicken breasts in the microwave in my pampered chef deep covered baker. The plan was to freeze the chicken after cooking for use in recipes later in the week. I had all the stuff on hand to make the Princess's absolute favorite meal: Chicken Puffs and had planned to do a chicken alfredo later in the week.

So I cooked and cooled the chicken breasts. Then I chopped them up and put them into freezer bags, but hadn't sealed the bags yet. About that time, the Princess came in the kitchen asking some questions about a project she is working on for Econ class. They are making budgets and she needed a year's worth of utility bills. So, while I was at the door to the office telling her how to log on to my account......

Thing 2 sneaked into the kitchen, grabbed the bags of chicken and snarfed them down. When I turned around, she was licking the insides of the bags! Every bit of that chicken was GONE. GONE. GONE.
And as I fussed at her ---- she had the audacity to LICK HER CHOPS! No remorse whatsoever.



  1. Haha. Oh, that's terrible. That chicken was meant for better, bigger things. But it just didnt get the chance... Luckily the dog at my parents' wouldnt even dream of eating something left on the counter, or even at the coffee table where it is within reach.

  2. Oh, my dogs are terribly ill-mannered. Thing 1 will steal food FROM YOUR PLATE if he can (and in fact, snagged a french fry off mine Saturday evening while my plate was on the coffee table). Thing 2 won't take it from your plate, but has no qualms about sneaking behind your back and taking whatever she can reach! A few weeks ago, I accidentally left a CLOSED jar of peanut buttter on the counter in my rush out the door. Thing 2 got the jar, opened it, and ate the whole thing. Terrible, I tell you, terrible!