Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ECON Budget Project

We are now on the countdown to graduation and the Princess is in high stress mode. She had hoped to exempt most of her finals, but a severe migraine in February put her over the allowed number of class absences to exempt --- so she's taking 3 finals out of 5. And of course those 3 finals are in her 3 hardest classes!

Also, every single teacher seems to have assigned massive projects in the last 3 weeks of school. These are huge and detailed and count for a HUGE percentage of the final grade!

For her Economics class, they are having to make a budget of living expenses as if they had graduated from college and are starting their first job living on their own. They have to go to the grocery store to "shop" for groceries, plan menus, evaluate utility costs, rent, insurance, entertainment, gasoline, etc. The one that got me though, was that they had to "buy" a brand new car!!!!!!!

Really? Really? Isn't consumer debt one of those things that gets freshly minted graduates in trouble?
A new car? A Brand New Car? I think I had a mild stroke when I read the assignment. There is NO WAY (I hope) that the Princess would be buying a brand spanking new car fresh out of college. I think I was actually almost 30 when I bought my first (and only) brand new car. Sheesh!

At the end of the assignment though, the Princess did comment that "Car payments suck --- there is NO money to do hardly anything fun because of that stupid thing!" Hmmmmm..... maybe her teacher had a point there.


  1. As soon as I read that they had to buy a new car...I knew exactly where the teacher was going with it. You have to pay to play....you want all the flash and bling....well, it comes at a cost.

    I hope that Princess learned alot from the project.

  2. Haha, the teacher maybe did have a point to make. I was also like "what?!" and just thinking all the different reasons the teacher would be wrong to imply that about a new car... but it does show them a different light of the issue, so it is hopefully very beneficial to the students.