Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fiscal Fast - Day 6

Tuesday was a good day for my fiscal fast -- no spending whatsoever. These no spend days are really good for the budget bottom line --- especially when you are living so "close to the edge"!

I was afraid the day was going to go badly when I started off the morning squirting myself in the face with the hose --- AFTER I was fully dressed and made up for work! I was watering my plants, and let the hose dangle while I adjusted its length to move it.... and then I grabbed it..... and squirted myself directly on the right side of my head. Hair, makeup and blouse --- all wet! Time for some serious FAST fixes in order to make it to work on time!!!!

Fortunately the rest of my day was not that bad, work, Zumba, and cooking dinner (even though Thing 2 had completely ruined my menu plan for the week!).

This fiscal fast has been good for me --- I'm pretty excited that with the planned exception of grocery shopping over the weekend, and the not planned expenses resulting from a stress filled Saturday with a snake in the kitchen (which only cost me $12 for dinner and ice cream), I've managed to stick with my plan of not spending.

Reality will soon hit though, so I'm going to have to start planning my spending for the month of May -- and with graduation looming and a bridesmaid dress to be purchased (Brother's wedding in October), its going to be a DOOZIE!

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