Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moving Forward

So, yesterday was my birthday. I took the day off from work (actually, I took Monday - Wednesday off) and got some stuff done around the house. Bills paid, laundry done, a bit of yardwork. Nothing too terribly exciting.

I got a couple of nice presents too. My mom got me a gift card to a department store --- that will be used to fill in some of my currently lacking wardrobe. One of my friends, Singer Girl, gave me a $50 amazon gift certificate. She also gave the Princess one too. I think both of those may be saved for as of yet unanticpated college needs. Good to have it in reserve!!!!!

Singer Girl also took me out to dinner. And we had a great time! We made plans for an upcoming festival and possibly beach trip plans. Yes, I know I can't afford a beach trip, BUT, I won't have to pay to get there, pay for transportation and my only costs will be the food I eat. That sounds pretty darn good to me! The only hitch to the trip is that the next to last day of the trip is the Princess's birthday and she might not be happy with me missing that. If she's at her Dad's anyway, she won't mind, but if she's not..... well, then, I might just get in TROUBLE!!!!!

Stuff to think about I guess!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May is such a great month to have a birthday! The beach trip sounds wonderful! (I understand about missing a birthday, though...we cut our trip a day short to get home for my son's birthday!)

  2. Happy birthday to you! Maybe send Princess off to do some shopping with her girlfriends on her birthday? Or make her a big cake before/after your trip? I am sure she should understand... you gotta live a little to.