Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dorm Shopping

Back in September, Princess Penelope and I took advantage of some mark downs at Target and bought the bedding  for her college dorm room. Yesterday, we made a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up some things needed for tonight's graduation party. They just happened to be having a clearance sale on a lot of their Home Decor items ---- 66% off. We got very lucky when we realized that quite a few of those items would go perfectly with the bedding we'd selected for Princess Penelope's dorm room.

We managed to get some really cute accessories for her dorm room --- including some with an actual function!!!! She's super excited about out finds --- and I'm super excited about the price we paid for them! We bought:

1 Zebra Striped Desk Organizer (not on the clearance, but a 40% coupon off regular price made me much happier about it!)
1 Pink Zebra Striped Throw Pillow (I'm wondering if this is going to have permanent residence on the floor)
1 Pink Zebra Striped Desk Lamp
1 Black Framed Bulletin Board
1 Wall Cross
1 Black & White Polka Dotted Laundry Bag

Spent: $43.21
Would have spent approximately $130, had we bought all of that stuff brand new!

Not too bad of a shopping trip! (The Princess is now planning to use some of her work money and this week's hobby lobby coupon to go back and buy herself a blinged out wireless mouse - ultra cute, but not sure how "good" it will actually be)

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  1. Ha! Good finds and at such good prices. She'll have a pretty nice theme'd dorm side.