Saturday, May 5, 2012

Unexpected Spending

Many of life's events call for dressy clothes. I tend to keep those dressy clothes pretty basic and not overly trendy so that I can wear them from season to season and year to year. My suits that I have to wear several times a year for work are black and grey. I have 2 LBDs (little black dresses), one kind of fall/winterish and one for spring/summer. These generally suit for most dressy needs for the past few years.

However, as part of a healthy lifestyle change, I've lost 15 pounds since January, being only 5 feet tall, that amounts to a dress size or two (depending on the dress, of course), so now my suits and LBDs are kind of hanging on me and frankly just don't look good.

I had hoped to wait a few more weeks before needing to purchase a dress to wear to the Princess's graduation (or try to make something I already had "work"). Unfortunately that was not the case. A life long friend died very unexpectedly earlier this week. That meant I needed something appropriate to wear to the funeral.

So I went to the mall during my lunch hour yesterday. Let me just say that I will be glad when the maxi dress trend is over and they start stocking more normal dresses again --- those dresses serve to make most people look knocked up --- and when you're short and chunky --- well, they make you look 8,5 months along. Anyway, the store I was in was having a good sale, but I was really getting frustrated trying to find something I could afford.

Finally I found a dress ---- $80 (gulp), but it was 40% off and then I had a coupon for another 15% off. After tax, my total was $41 and change. Not too bad for "need it now" shopping. And bonus! I can also wear this dress to graduation. My hope is that I'll continue to lose weight and this dress will be too big soon, but for now, I can live with $41 for 2 wearings -- it could have been far worse!

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