Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Weekend

I know I've totally dropped off in the past week. I'd like to say I've filled that time with fun and excititing things to do, but in reality its been work, work, work. I met a friend out for dinner Friday night (friend's treat) and turned down invitations for Saturday, Sunday and Monday --- all of which would have been gratis because I have super sweet friends who want to do stuff for my birthday!

As much as I wanted to go out every night, I had a much bigger goal in mind: my sanity. The past few weeks have been super packed with many events for the Princess plus the stress of exams, final projects and the like. We've gotten far behind on the what needs to be done portion of our household.

So, this weekend, while the Princess was at the beach for her graduation trip, I decided to change all that. I spent the entire weekend either cleaning house or working in the yard. I cut grass, I weedeated (weedate?), I pulled weeds, I watered, I mulched, I moved rocks, I deadheaded and I trimmed. Then I picked up, I put up, I dusted, I washed, I mopped, I vacuumed, I swept, I folded, I scrubbed and I tossed.

The end result? My next door neighbor said my yard looks amazing and he can tell how much work I've put in. The other end result? I do not think I will curl up in a ball and die if unexpected company shows up at my door!

So, that was my exciting 3 day weekend? How about yours?

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  1. Wow. Good for you on getting ALL that done! My 3 day weekend was unsurprisingly boring. But that's alright, since I got lots of rest.