Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spending Like I Have Money

This week has been crazy busy. I've completely neglected my blog. Some of that may be because I'm a teensy bit embarrassed at how much I've actually SPENT this week. Between finals, shopping for a graduation dress for the Princess, an outfit for me, some much needed work clothes, and getting ready to take a few days off of work, I've been insanely busy and just plain worn out.

And my finances are showing my lack of devotion to them. Let's start with the the shopping. For the Princess's graduation dress, am I insane? I paid FULL PRICE for an absolutely adorable Jessica Simpson dress and then had to buy shoes to go with it. The only thing that made me feel better about that one was that when we walked down to another store in the mall, they had the same dress at full price, but for $30 more! The shoes, at least were 40% off.

Then there were my clothes --- I got lucky and found a dress marked down from over $100 to $13.79 and it looked good! Then I got the shoes to go with it (because the dress is basically navy, and almost all of my current shoes are black) marked down from $50 to $23 and change after sales and coupons. I also picked up 2 blouses for work. For me, total, I spent about $75 for the dress, shoes and 2 suitable for work blouses. Not too terribly bad.

But then, lets add in the eating out. Last weekend, I went to Aldi to get the stuff for freezer cooking. Sadly, the freezer cooking did NOT happen and convenience became the name of the game. Monday night, we ate out. Tuesday night, picked up pizza. Wednesday night, ate out. Thursday night, take out. Friday night, takeout. I'm not sure I have eaten out that much in a single month over the past year! Much less a single week!

This weekend will be busy preparing for the Princess's graduation party Sunday, Baccalaureate on Sunday afternoon and (finally) Graduation on Monday night. I'm taking Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off of work and will hopefully spend that time getting myself back on track. Here's hoping!

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