Thursday, September 22, 2011

College Shopping

Princess Penelope will be heading off to college next year. We are bothe very excited but also a bit concerned about the costs we'll incur and are looking to cut those costs wherever we can. With that in mind, Princess Penelope looked over the stuff that Target had as its dorm stuff a few weeks ago. She took pictures of what she wanted and texted them to me. Now that it is time for that stuff to be marked down, I went looking on my lunch hour on Friday. When I got there our local Target didn't have any of the stuff she really wanted. Hmmmm. Darn.

So, when we were out of town this weekend for my Grandmother's 90th birthday party, we stopped at the Target in Gulf Shores and found exactly what she wanted -- -with each item marked down 30-50% off. I was hoping for it all to be 50%, but that wasn't quite the case. Sigh. However, since they were down to just one of just about everything on her list AND we knew that our local one didn't have what she wanted, I bit the bullet and we got it all. Sheets, Comforter, Shams, a picture frame and Throw Pillows. All in all though, I was happy, I spent $80 including tax, but the "normal" retail would have been $145 before tax. AND I put it on my Target Red Card (which is debit NOT credit!).

While this is not necessarily the MOST frugal option, it definitely a better option than picking it all up for full price next August! And I figure if I start picking up some of the items she'll need when she goes to school between now and then, it won't hit me quite so hard in the budget when I'm writing that tuition check too!


  1. As long as she doesn't change her mind!! I think what you did was very smart. It's a BIG deal when your baby heads off to college! Mine went to the university in our city so that saved the living expenses but OMG tuition is expensive!! The first year we covered with scholarship and savings and then the next two I paid half and she paid half. This year she is paying all on her own and then she hopes to get accepted into the master's program and they'll be paying HER instead of the other way around. Keeping our fingers crossed!

  2. She and her planned roommate have decided on the pink and black scheme, but also decided they didn't want to be totally matchy-matchy. I warned her though, if she changes her mind its too bad. She's stuck now.

    Good luck with the masters! Wow!