Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some Good News: Health Insurance

Health insurance is a necessity. I have employer provided health insurance. A certain amount is deducted from each of paychecks to cover my portion of the premiums. I never include this in my budget because it is actually money I never see. It goes out of my paycheck before said paycheck ever hits my account.

That is perfectly fine with me. I don't have to keep track of it, I don't have to think about it --- its just there. Generally, this time of year, we get an e-mail from HR informing us that our portion is increasing. While I'm never thrilled, I also know that my employer has absorbed much more of the premium increase, so I never complain. I have a job. I have health insurance, and considering the times, I feel lucky to have both.

This year, however, was different --- different from each and every year since I've had employer provided coverage. Yesterday, we got an email from HR informing us that our premiums this year were actually going DOWN. What? Huh? They are going down? I had to read the email twice to be sure I read it right the first time! Yes, the premiums are going down approximately $5 per paycheck.

I know that's not a huge amount, but that's $10 per month --- $120 a year! I can do a LOT with an extra $120 this year. So now my dilemma begins.... do I add that to my debt repayment? Do I adjust my savings deductions to have that amount put in savings in the event of worst case scenario with the job? Or do I let it get absorbed into the rest of my monthly budget and give myself some wiggle room?


  1. If you're saving enough for now, I'd throw it onto debt without a doubt! No debt = freedom!