Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Far Behind....

This week has been wickedly busy! So, I've been a bit MIA. Sorry for that! Work has been super slammed as we try to wrap up numerous projects with September 30 deadlines. My desk currently looks like it go hit by a tornado. I've had after work meetings Monday and Tuesday nights. Monday's meeting was for my side gig. It was a good meeting, but I didn't walk in the door until 9:30. Last night's meeting was at the High School, a meeting for parents regarding the college application process and what we have upcoming (announcements, cap and gown fees will be due in November -- YIKES!).

And to add to all of that --- I've had a ton of drama going on with friends and family. Drama is not my favorite thing. It saps a TON of energy.

So, in the flurry of all that, I've kind of neglected my little corner of the blog world. As well as a lot of other things. Sigh. Time to get back on track.


  1. I'm really struggling to stay on top of the blog world too - so many blogs to read - too little time! It's that time of year, I guess, I am meetinged to death too, but it should slow down by October...I hope!

  2. And unfortunately, I still haven't caught up!