Saturday, September 3, 2011

College Football! (This Could Be a Budget Buster!)


I do SO adore fall! Less humidity, temperatures (slowly) getting cooler. And college football starts. For me, like many around this state, the game is a way of life. Entire weekends are planned around the football schedule. Seriously. Alabama kicks off at 11:21 this morning. The Princess got up at 5 a.m. and is headed to Tuscaloosa for the game. They don't have tickets but are going there to tailgate with friends. (Seriously? When do you ever hear of a teenager rising that early on a Saturday unless its life or death?).

As for me, I rolled out of bed at the same time and got busy with laundry and cleaning house so I could drop it all at 11 a.m. to go meet friends to watch the game! Not much else will get done around here today, because tonight there are some fabulous games to watch too --- Georgia/Boise State and LSU/Oregon. Gotta pull for my SEC teams! And I'll be watching those from the comfort of my couch --- and flipping channels between the two because they are on at the same time!

When football season starts, my budget has to get rearranged. I have a separate line for budgeted costs of football --- tickets, food, parking and such. This year, we are only going to go two games -- Alabama/Arkansas and Alabama/Tennessee. This costs for a game day in Tuscaloosa are much higher than watching it with friends here in Birmingham --- tickets are $55-$75 EACH. And then we'll pay about $25 for parking, we'll take food and drinks for before and after, but if we get hungry or thirsty during the game, well a Coke is like $6. Ouch.

For today though, my budget is closer to $20, I'll meet friends out at our normal game day place. We'll have some pizza and watch the Tide Roll. I'm still crunching numbers to make it all work. But for now....


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  1. That's just pure entertainment and everyone needs an entertainment budget. Sounds like a blast to me! Especially if it were hockey lol!