Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whoops! I Forgot!

In my freakout about having only $100 until next payday , (well, $63 if you count what has to be taken out) I completely forgot something! I will be getting a $24 expense reimbursement on Monday! $24 isn't much, but since that will increase the money I have to stretch-til-payday by 30%-ish (no I can't do actual math this early in the morning), I'm positively giddy!

That means I've got a little breathing room. That means that if I need gas, I can get some! That means I CAN actually pick up some coffee this week since its on a great sale at Publix. (and yes, I consider coffee a necessity to my life -- caffeine addiction, anyone?)

Yea!!!!!!! I'm going to go have a second cup NOW!


  1. Don't you love "found" money???

    And yes, go have a second cup o' joe!

  2. I second Mysti, found money is the best!

  3. Coffee is most definitely a necessity! ;) Enjoy!