Friday, September 16, 2011

Dining Out --- And Not On The Cheap.

In recent months, I have been SO GOOD about limiting my nights out with friends to roughly once or twice a month. That has worked really well for me, providing some fabulous "girl time" to catch up with friends, without the other distractions that tend to accompany chatting on the phone.

Unfortunately this month, I have blown that out of the water! In the past seven days, I have been out to dinner 3 times --- and spent roughly $100 doing it. Yikes! Each time, we've gone to grab some Mexican food, and what goes better with Mexican food than a cold, tangy margarita? That adds up FAST!

The really bad thing is that I can't even blame my friends, as two of the nights were MY IDEA. I know better than this. This is going to be an expensive month anyway because we are going to the Alabama/Arkansas game NEXT weekend and those tickets aren't cheap. My entertainment budget was already floating in the out of this world region and I have thoroughly compounded the problem. Time to tighten it all up. And maybe "lose" some phone numbers for the next couple of weeks!

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