Monday, September 26, 2011

Trying to Get It All Together

I'm generally a homebody. I work full time and generally when I'm off of work, I like to be at home. Lately that hasn't been the case nor has it been possible. Several weeks of going, going, going have left me frazzled and my house.... well its pretty much a wreck.

The past 14 days have been unbelievably busy. I've had side gig meetings, meetings at the school, dinners out with friends. I've also gone out of town twice, well technically three times. Once to South Alabama for my grandmother's 90th birthday. And then this weekend, I went to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/Arkansas game, left Saturday morning and came back Saturday night. Then, since Princess Penelope spent the night in Tuscaloosa with her cousin, I went back to Tuscaloosa yesterday to pick her up.

The problem with being on the go so much is that it plays absolute havoc with the budget. More traveling and running around means more gas burned. More traveling and running around means more meals not eaten at home. More traveling and running around also means more little incidentals picked up along the way. All of this translates to a very beleaguered budget.

It also translates to exhaustion and a lack of focus. Cureently, and for roughly the last two weeks, my house looks like a tasmanian devil went through it. It is a disaster area! And I can't stand it. All these things are piling up and I really haven't been able to focus on them. Time to make a list. And get some stuff crossed off.
I have GOT to get this all together... its making me crazy!


  1. a brain dump. Write down everything you need to do. Then organize it into categories. Then start working on it!

    You will get there. You just described everyday of my life!

  2. Writing a list and then crossing things off works for me - it feels so GOOD to cross something off:)I hope things will slow down for you so that you can get all caught up!