Monday, September 19, 2011

Frugal Furniture Protection

Last fall, I got  a new couch for my den. Well, it was new to me. It was a hand me down from my BFF that was completely free and in GREAT shape. Well, after almost a year of Thing 1 and Thing 2 bouncing all over it, the couch is not in such great shape. My pups are much worse on furniture than my child EVER thought about being! I was getting really frustrated because any ideas I had for protecting the sofa failed. I tried throw blankets, but they never quite covered the entire length and were usally pulled loose in minutes. I considered a slip cover, but those are expensive, not quite in my budget, and I couldn't find one anywhere close to the brick red shade of the couch. I LOVE the color of that couch! Gives some energy to an otherwise completely neutral room.

While hitting up the outlets in Foley yesterday, Princess Penelope and I went into the TJ Maxx outlet. We had some really great luck there: a pair of jeans for the always hard to fit Princess, a dress marked down to $10 that will be perfect for next spring and my personal favorite: the pet furniture cover. Technically, this piece of quilted fabric is supposed to lay across the foot of your bed to protect your bed covering from your pets paws, drool and stuff like that. I had other ideas for it though. Desperately wishing I had the couch measurements, I went ahead and took the chance and bought it for my sofa! $12. Completely washable, fits snug and secure tucked into the ends of the cushions and the back of the couch.  While its not the perfect color, it is livable in the room. Easy to remove and easy to put back on if we have guests. And the fabric feels fabulous when I sit on it too!

Thing 2 has already made herself comfy on it. Thing 1 is a bit camera shy, so as soon as I pulled out the phone, he jumped off. So far, this seems to be the answer to my couch woes. Time will tell how good of a solution this is, but for right now, we are all hopeful!

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