Saturday, September 17, 2011

Talking About It Can Help

I sometimes wonder if I'm a bit too obsessed with my finances. Not in a "I look at my accounts and budget every five minutes" kind of way. But in a way that has me talking about them far more than I normally would. In a very real way, this blog helps me to talk about it without driving every one around me stark raving crazing with my money saving ideas, my shopping deals and my side gig. Its an outlet for me. And one that I can keep "private" ---- yes, I know its out here on the internet and anyone can read it, but for some reason I'm much more comfortable with the relative anonymity this medium provides.

Very few of my friends even know I have a blog. Far fewer even know how to get to it. And I would say that even less than that actually read it. I have a friend who is a sometimes reader and has gotten some good ideas from me through this blog --- well, I say good ideaS, but the main one was my recipe for French Toast Casserole . Anyway, we started talking in general about finances the other day, especially since I'm struggling with uncertainty on the job front and trying to know what to do in regards to paying off debt, saving for Princess's college and in general just getting through all of this. This friend and spouse are for the most part in a really good place --- no consumer debt, cars are paid off, pay extra to the mortgage every month, and have a pretty healthy rainy day fund. The spouse pretty much pays all of the bills and keeps track of the household finances. My friend has pretty much taken a hands off approach.

However, talking to me gave my friend the inspiration to take a closer look and see where they stood. The friend was a bit surprised because the rainy day fund (aka, emergency account) had a balance much lower than it should. Turns out they were overspending each month and dipping further and further into those savings to make ends meet. While they weren't in any serious trouble yet, the way things were going, they could easily go through their savings just on day to day spending. Time for a new plan, before a disaster strikes. My friend and spouse are now reworking their budget and looking for ways to cut the spending and beef that rainy day fund back up.

I think that's absolutely fabulous --- and it just goes to show, that sometimes when you share your struggles, and talk it out, you can help someone else out without even realizing it!


  1. My emergency fund has taken a few hits this month too, so I really want to get it built back up! I think having a "healthy obsession" with your finances is a LOT better than having no idea where the money is going! That's for sure!! ;)

  2. I use my blog as my outlet too. I think it helps me so I don't keep it all in my head and ruminate over it.

  3. Like Mysti - I use my blog as an outlet for my frustrations.

  4. I don't really talk about finances with anyone in my family or any of my friends, so like you I find blogging a great release AND those blogs that I visit and the bloggers who comment on my blog are people who are genuinely interested and addicted in the same way I am so it all works out great. I get so much support and so many great ideas from the blogging community I wonder what I ever did without it?