Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year Filled With Uncertainty

Anyone else not 100% sure they are ready for 2013? I should be, I KNOW I should be. But the running behind that dogged me the entire months of December seems to be sticking around as we kick off the New Year. I finally got all the Christmas "stuff" packed up today --- however the tree is still up. The Princess has promised she would work on it tomorrow while I'm at work. Oh, well, its not the latest its every come down -- but it still seems not quite right.

Financially.... well, I'm still trying to figure out how much take home pay I'm going to have going forward. With just about every penny accounted for each month, I'm not looking forward to the new tax changes that are going to go into place. I know for certain that regardless of how it shakes down, I will defnitely be looking at less take home pay from the get go.

The job is still kind of in the uncertain arena, but its muddling through. I'd really like to kind of  know what's going to happen there.

There are some potentially very exciting things on the horizon. The path to get there may be a bit fraught with uncertainty, but it could be the most exciting year to date.

Hope you all have a simply wonderful 2013!!!!

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