Friday, January 18, 2013

Let It Snow!

We don't get much snow here in Central Alabama. Generally, at the first hint of a snowflake, the grocery stores are cleared of bread and milk... and everyone drives into a ditch. Yesterday, was my planned first day back into work after Mom's accident. I was going to work a half day. I got to the office a little after one, but the snow had already started falling by then. We didn't think it was going to be a travel issue because the roads seemed to still be pretty warm. However, it fell and fell. They made the decision to close the office at 2. Jeez --- however, since I'm a salaried employee, I am still being paid for the entire day. That works for me!

The ride home (and its just a short less than 10 minute commute under normal conditions) was a bit nerve-wracking. My car slipped on the icy roads several times. Then I got home, and had to stay on pins and needles until the Princess got home from class. She has a normal 30 minute commute -- and it took her over an hour. It was the first time she's had to drive under these conditions, so she was a bit of a basket case by the time she pulled up. She said she was sliding all over the place.

Snow is such a rare occurence here, that our infrastructure is just not set up to deal with it. Roads were a mess -- jack-knifed trucks north of here, pileups on interstates, fender benders all over town. Snow in the south is fun --- as long as you are at home.

They are opening my office 30 minutes later than my normal start time today. So I'm lingering a bit over my coffee. Will have to start getting ready soon, but for now.... maybe one more cup of coffee!

I'm going in this morning and working a full day, then will do my stint at Mom's.


  1. That's awesome that your office is being so generous with the hours... mine was only closed when the state was mandated not to have anyone on the road besides emergency personnel. Otherwise, we were expected to be at work and docked a day's worth of pay if not here. Fun fun. Do stay safe. Especially in places where it doesnt snow/ice as much, a lot of drivers dont know what to expect.

  2. Down here (Alabama), we are just not prepared for snow. No one has snow tires or chains (honestly, zero snow last year!), Not much available for clearing the roads either. First flake --- drive your car in a ditch! ;-)