Friday, January 11, 2013

Free Money For College?

I'm not normally one to jump all over the "Deal of The Day" Sites, but this one intrigued me. It was a Living Social Deal from GradSave. Basically, GradSave is way to get friend's or family to contribute to your child's future college education instead of them just handing over more and more plastic toys.
You can link up an existing 529 account, OR you can let it sit there until you open a 529 for your child.

So, when I got the link, I decided to read up as much as I could about GradSave and everything I found was pretty positive. So, I decided to go for it. Basically, you can purchase a $50 gift card for $24 through GradSave & Living Social . That's basically doubling your investment from the get-go!

GradSave even keeps track of who donates what to make thank you note writing easy as pie!

I did hit one hiccup when I bought the deal, but a quick email to GradSave (a reply to the Welcome e-mail they had just sent me) -- and the problem was resolved within minutes. It just took a few minutes for everything to be updated so that my gift card code was valid.

Given the Princess's age, I'm not sure how lucky we will be in getting the grandparents and such to contribute at this point -- but at the end of it, it was $26 free for college! THAT was definitely worth the time!

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