Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cabin Fever

I've got a SERIOUS case of cabin fever. Its driving me bonkers.

First we had well over a week of rain, that then became snow...... and then you add in that I've been confined inside for a week now due to my Mom's accident. Wow. I feel cooped up and shackled and all those terrible things.

I decided that I HAD to get out for a bit. Nothing big..... just OUT. So I made myself head out on a walk. No big trek, just a simple walk around the grounds.Let some energy out. Get some sunshine. Put a few roses in my cheeks. All that benefit for FREE even.

Now, I'm back inside and tending to my mom (at this stage of the game that translates to waiting on her hand and foot because she's even more stir crazy than I am!)..... I can already feel the cabin fever rising again.

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