Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Great Day At The Grocery Store

For the past few years, I've collected the My Coke Rewards points from various Coca-Cola products. It is kind of a pain to keep up with all of them sometimes, but it can pay off. We've gotten some really good rewards over time. Back in December, they had a special on Coca-Cola 12 Pack Coupons. I really wish I could remember how many "points" I redeemed for the coupons, but it was a really good deal --- I should have snagged more than the three I did.... but oh, well.

Anyway, I HAD to go to the grocery store today, as it was the last day of the sale on my favored coffee, and they had a buy 2 Get 1 Free special on Coke Products (I could use 2 of my coupons and still get the 3rd Free). So, I ran to the store after work and this is what I picked up:

1 Milk Bone Dog Treats
3 Hamburger Helper
6 Betty Crocker Snacks
1 Velveeta
1 Publix Sour Cream
4 Eight O'Clock Coffee
2 Sprite 12 Packs
1 Cherry Coke Zero 12 Pack

Spent: $27.82
Saved: $52.86 or 68%!

Honestly, it is astounding to me that that few groceries would actually be almost $81 without sales and really good coupons (the coffee alone would have been $28!). Ridiculous.


  1. Those are some great prices! Coffee is so expensive, it's really scary.

  2. I really have to watch for sales --- especially on coffee! After sales and coupons though, I paid $10 for all 4 bags!

  3. Nice job!

    Found you on Southern Savers.
    I host a weekly shopping totals every Friday but it's open all week long! Feel free to drop by and link up your savings! :)