Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Textbooks for This Semester.... a Much Happier Story

Back in the Fall, we ended up having to go the textbook route for the Princess's college textbooks. Not really understanding how to get the book information ahead of time, and with the Princess so far away, we couldn't really do the online shopping that I had hoped for. That ended up being a big, fat, whopping $600 mistake.

With her living at home, and therefore having an actual delivery address.... we were able to order her textbooks online through Amazon and Chegg. HUGE HUGE difference! Most of the books, I rented through Chegg --- and spent $177. Buying those books new (which we had to last semester), I would have spent over $500. The other book, I found on Amazon, and bought it used for cheaper than I could rent it. Given that this book is a paperback, and therefore more likely for US to damage, I thought that was the better option!

All told, I saved over $550 buy getting the books online. That's such a happy feeling!

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