Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Checking In With Checkpoints

Have you heard of Checkpoints? Basically its an app that pays you for "checking in" your location. It is available for iPhone and Droid. The way it works is.... you download the app (please feel free to use the my bonus code ltjacobs704 to get extra points for signing up, and then check in at different locations where you happen to be. You earn points for every check in! Depending on where you are, you usually earn 2+ points per check in. However, the grocery store is where you really rack up!

I ran into Publix today, and ended up getting 100 points --- 2 for the "check-in", then another 98 for scanning different  featured products (and I would have scanned more, but it was a quick trip and I was short on time). So far, I've earned the equivalent of a $1 Amazon gift card and I just downloaded the app last Friday. Over time, that might really help to supplement my Swagbucks earnings that I'm racking up to put a dent in the Christmas budget!


  1. I wish I had one of those fancy phones!!!

  2. Mine is a work phone --- trust me, I did not go out and get it myself. It is fun, but it is kind of a pain to keep up with two phones (very limited minutes outside of the work network).