Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wasted Day

I feel completely icky. The crud that Princess Penelope had all last week, has now been transferred to me. Joy. I have pretty much spent the day altering between the bed and the couch. I have managed to get nothing accomplished. I had massive plans for getting stuff done today, including cleaning the house top to bottom and mowing the lawn.

Solid rain all day yesterday and last night made the planned grass cutting impossible. The yard is just still too wet. But the rain shouldn't have prevented getting inside work done. The crud rendered that goal unattainable.

It is frustrating to have SO much that needs to be done and to know that none of it is getting done! So, instead of dwelling on it, I think I will head to bed, and hope to wake up feeling much, much better.


  1. I hope you sleep great and feel better in the morning!

  2. I can't wait to see green grass and not snow! We're having another storm here this morning, after it being about 9 degrees Celsius all week-end. I don't envy you being sick either. There's a couple of nasty flu bugs floating around and people are getting very sick!

  3. Feeling a bit better this morning. I am hoping that despite my failure to get anything done yesterday can be changed to getting a TON done tonight!