Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Missed Me?

I have been totally out of pocket for the last few days and I sincerely apologize. Its been a horrendously busy time! I've gotten really kicked off with my side gig and that seems to be going great, but it has taken up quite a bit of my so-called free time. Added to that, we've had our huge industry state conference this week for my real job  --- I haven't walked in the door at night yet this week until at least 8 o'clock (last night was 9:30).

Can you say TIRED? I am absolutely positively worn out. Tomorrow, I should be home by 7, with several hours of work to do when I get home and Thursday it will probably be at least 9 before I get to change into my comfies!

I haven't checked my facebook, only glanced through my email and haven't earned the first swagbuck in DAYS! But I should be better settled into a regular routine within the next few days. I hope, at least!

1 comment:

  1. This week has been tough for me, too. Haven't blogged in over a week now I think. I'm going to lose my new fans :)