Thursday, March 10, 2011

Multi-tasking? Not So Much.

I've always thought I was a pretty decent multi-tasker. I've heard some talk that you shouldn't try to multi-task too much because then you aren't giving any of the tasks your full attention. Tonight was a prime example.

A few weeks ago I made chicken empanadas for dinner. I thought they were fabulous! Princess Penelope liked the filling but wasn't fond of the crust. Because the crust recipe made SO much, I was eating empanadas for DAYS. Fortunately, I was smart enough to just freeze the massive amount of filling I had left over. So tonight, I thought I'd use up the remaining filling by making Chicken Puffs with the empanada filling instead of the regular filling. Worked out great. But after I had the puffs in the oven, I still had filling left over.

So, I thought I'd make quesadillas out of the remaining filling, because, hey, you can put ANYTHING into a flour tortilla! So while the puffs were baking, I started making quesadillas for tomorrow's lunch. Then while the puffs were baking, and the quesadillas cooking, I started on the dishes. And broke a glass. While I was cleaning up the glass, I slightly burned one of the quesadillas. I got those off the stove, and then took the puffs out of the oven. And then promptly laid my pot holder on the still red hot eye of the stove. And didn't notice until it started SMOKING. Joy.

This was a costly bit of time "savings".  Maybe just one task at a time for the next little while.


  1. LOL! I bet you just had to laugh :)

  2. It was either that or cry. I chose to laugh. And then promptly post my idiocy for the world to see!:-)