Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Publix Today

I took the day off of work today. Not for anything super-fun, but because I had to pick up Princess Penelope from her trip to the mountains with her Dad. We had planned to meet in Chattanooga around 9, but massive rains made that an unwise proposition. So we postponed it to later in the day to let the rains go on by.

Since the rains cleared out in Birmingham a bit earlier than I thought it would, I had a little time to run to Publix to take advantage of today's Penny Item and pick up a few other things. Quite honestly, I really need to make the time to get to the store to do a REAL grocery trip because these last few trips have been just about the deals.

So today, this is what I picked up (not what we call a well-balanced trip!):

1 Package of Publix Paper Towels (Penny Item!!!)
1 Package of Dentastix (I vow to keep these out of Thing 2's reach)
2 Boxes Glad Freezer Bags
2 Boxes of Puffs Tissues
5 Packs Mentos Gum

Total Spent: $13.43 and Total Saved: $19.25, or a savings of 59%

Now, time to make a list for a REAL shopping trip!


  1. LOL....I haven't shopped for 'real' stuff in going on three weeks now. I can probably go at least another three if not more with only getting bread and milk.

  2. I've spent roughly $52 since the beginning of the month. And at least $32 was dog food and treats. We really need "real" food. I could probably stretch another week, if I HAD to, but I'd like a bit more variety. A real trip is definitely in order.