Friday, March 18, 2011

There ought to be a law....

I really think there ought to be a law that if you cut your grass on Sunday it should not grow so much that it needs it again the following Friday!

Last Sunday, I cut the grass for the first time this spring. I have a big yard, that is on a big slope. It takes quite a while to get it all cut. Of course it rained not long after and rained all day Monday too. In the Spring, rain is like speed for grass. I got back in town yesterday and then this morning walked out on the deck with my cup of coffee. While I was gone, I swear that grass shot up 8 inches! So, I had to cut it again when I got home from work today.

Every year I toy with the idea of paying someone to do it for me, but then I realize that I'd rather get keep that $200 each month, so I still do it myself and will probablly continue to do it myself. I have a great mower that I LOVE and it was quite an investment. I paid about $350 for it in 2006. Considering that grass needs to be cut here well into October, and the quotes for having someone else cut my yard were about $100 every two weeks.... I think I'll continue to cut it myself! But you might here me complain about it some more!

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