Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back To Normal?

Eh.... probably not! I keep thinking that  everything is going to settle down. I keep being wrong. I spent a good portion of the week on the road for work (remembered my suitcase this time!!!!) Had a health screening at work, and discovered what I already knew.... I need to lose weight and eat healthier and do some exercise. Seeing my actual bloodwork numbers though made me wake up in ways that my too tight jeans just haven't. I'm rethinking a lot of my choices at the moment.

While I was on the road this week, Princess Penelope developed a Migraine. A lovely 48 hour excruciating headache. Fortunately she was staying with my VBFF who is like her second Mom, so she was well cared for until I got back. This morning had us at the doctor's office to do something about these headaches (they've kind of been blown off or blamed on sinuses in the past). Four hours later, I think we're on the right course now.

The doctor gave me a signed State form allowing Princess to keep the medicine on her at all times. I dropped the rx at the drugstore and ran to the school to turn in the forms. The school nurse informed me that she can't have the rx with her, it has to be turned in to her in its original bottle. Which means in order to have some at home and some at school, the pharmacy has to give me each rx with two bottles. I run back to the pharmacy and the rx is ready, but since I need the extra "original" bottles, I have to wait another 15 minutes. I take the meds back to the school to give to the school nurse, only to be told that the forms aren't valid because they were written with the namebrand name and the pharmacy filled with generic. So, back to the doctor's office to have him fill the forms out with the generic names of the rxs. Then back to the school to turn the meds and forms in. That whole episode took me about 3 1/2 hours of running around and waiting... and cost me about half a tank of gas and a missed full day of work. Ugh.

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