Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring has definitely sprung!

I had my weekend all planned out....make my Pampered Chef deliveries, spend some quality time in the garden department at Lowe's, grocery shop, clean, do laundry and some freezer cooking. All that changed when my best friend called me and told me to save her delivery for last, because she had some plants she was thinning out and if I wanted them, we could load them up into the back of my car. Woo Hoo! Free plants! So, although the deliveries were done, and I did spend some quality time at Lowe's (Knock-out Roses and Petunias paid for with a gift card from MyPoints), everything else.... well.... not so much.

I have spent the day prepping garden beds, weeding, mowing, weedeating and planting 2 dozen irises, knockout roses, 9 clumps of canna lilies, 8 tiger lilies 3 clumps of blackeyed-susans and removing about 30 square feet of monkey grass (the current bane of my existence).

After 10 hours of yard work, I am filthy, sore and sunburned. But, I must say, this is the BEST glass of wine I have had in my whole entire life!

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