Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Expensive Day

Yesterday's vet visit for Thing 2 was $90. Fortunately, other than the extreme skin sensitivity, she is healthy and the growth on her leg is a hygroma (caused by flopping herself down on hard surfaces) and not a tumor. I always call her my million dollar dog, because I swear she's just about the most expensive pup ever that for the most part is actually healthy (she's accident prone and tends to eat stuff she shouldn't alot). I went ahead and paid $200 out of pocket to the vet to put some towards my ongoing bill.

Today I will head to the dentist to (hopefully) finish up everything with this root canal that we started about a month ago. I'm hoping (praying) that I won't incur any additional expenses from that. They sent me a refund check of about $250 which I have not cashed yet. Hopefully I'll be able to add that to debt opposed to spending more money on my teeth! Here's hoping!

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