Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blog Giveway!

But, actually, not on mine.... though maybe I'll get it together enough at some point to actually get creative and do one! Right now, I'm struggling just to get back to a regular posting schedule!!!!

Actually, April over at Single Lifeline is having a giveaway of M&Ms --- not the kind that melt in your mouth, but not in your hands, but the kind of M&Ms all couponers love! Money Making coupons! Aren't those always the best?!?!?!

I've actually won one of April's giveaways before and I was positively giddy with the coupons I received (see a few posts below for all the treats Thing 1 and Thing 2 racked up as a result of April's generosity!)!!!!! So, check it out and good luck!!!!

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