Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I think that is kind of defining me today. I keep putting everything off until later this week. Lawn needs mowing. Maybe Thursday or Friday after work (tomorrow's out because of likely storms). The house needs dusting and the floors need to be swept, vaccumed and mopped. Maybe tomorrow after work. I need to clean the fridge out....eh, maybe tomorrow. Checkbook needs balancing. Budgets need to be updated. Phone calls need to be made. Coupons need to be clipped. And I can't summon the energy to do any of it.

Granted, I have a good reason....four hours in the dentist chair and we've finally got the root canal completed. My face hurts, my jaw hurts and I swear I always get a slight hangover from the laughing gas. So, tonight, I'm looking around at all the stuff that needs to be done. And I'm not doing any of it.

Oh, well, I know I will kick myself for wasting an entire evening and not getting anything done. But I will kick myself.....later.

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