Monday, April 18, 2011

Why do people DO stuff like that?

I made a quick (and I mean QUICK) trip to Aldi on Saturday afternoon to get the last of the stuff we needed to round out our grocery list. I didn't even get a picture because I was in such a rush. But I spent about $29 and rounded out our pantry rather nicely. Usually when I go to Aldi I go on Saturday morning. Apparently there is a reason for that. It was an absolute madhouse on Saturday afternoon! Apparently rising food costs are hitting everyone hard so maybe more people are shopping there?

Anyway, given that the store was completely crazy, I kept my purse on my shoulder the whole time instead of having it in the basket of the buggy. Very glad I did. I turned my back from my cart to get eggs out of the case and it took me a few tries to find a carton without any broken eggs. I turned back and one my reusable grocery bags is GONE. Someone swiped it from my cart while my back was turned! And this wasn't just one of those flimsy .99 bags, this was a heavy duty, zip top, reinforced bottom, thermal bag that folds up flat. It is a great bag. And someone stole it.

I mean, COME ON! You can buy bags at Aldi if you've forgotten yours, or you can just load your stuff into your car or whatever. But stealing a resuable bag? Who DOES that? Sheesh.

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  1. What a pain. It's that kind of thing that really does leave me wondering what the hell kind of a world we live in. A kind of a 'I weep for the future' moment, I suppose. Maybe they wanted to get back at you for not leaving your handbag behind for them to rob. :) Of course, there's the very unlikely possibility that some woman was shopping with her kids and has the exact same bag as you and was wondering why her kids had put it in someone else's trolley. But my cynical side is winning the fight over my nicer Pollyanna-look-on-the-bright-side side recently so that might be a bit of a stretch to believe. :)