Sunday, April 10, 2011

Redecorating on the cheap....

I must confess.... I don't have a single brand new piece of furniture in my entire house. Everything we own is either hand-me-down, garage saled, or I've had since I was a kid (Princess Penelope's bedroom furniture).
I did actually buy myself (on credit) a couch about 8 years ago. But that thing was well past its prime. I was ready for it to G-O!

So I woke up one morning last fall to the happy surprise that my next door neighbor was having a garage sale. Since I absolutely adore her sense of style. I threw on some clothes and went over to see what she was getting rid of....

And so my quest began with the coffee table.... her hubby was coming out of the house with a blanket chest the perfect size for a coffee table. I've always wanted one of those for my den, so when she said the price was $15, her hubby just took it to my front porch. She also had these great iron and granite topped end tables. Absolutely gorgeous and I got both of those for $60.

Then, a month later, my BFF called to ask if I wanted her brick red couch. She had been given a newer couch, but hers was still in good condition whereas mine definitely was not, and did I want it? Oh, yes, I definitely did! So, bye-bye worn out couch! Hello new-to-me couch! The den was really shaping up the way I wanted it to be. Woo hoo!

Then, my 13 year old tv died..... I scrimped and saved, and purchased a new tv when they hit the awesome sales in the fall.... problem was, it didn't fit in my 90's entertainment center. So, out the entertainment center went, and I dragged up an old sideboard from the basement and put the tv on it. Much better.

And then today, another friend calls and says she's getting rid of an upholstered chair, and since she knew I hated the one I had, would I like it? The colors would probably work. Well, of course (mine had spots and stains, and even a couple of holes --- hideous)! So, since it would fit easily in the back of her SUV, she even hauled it over to my house.

The entire room redone in 7 months for a grand total of $325 ---- $275 of that being the cost of the tv!


  1. I am about to do a post on cheap redo's, too!!!! I have been working on it since I moved into this place a month ago. I went from Tuscan countryside, wrought iron, red, gold, brown and earth tones to robin's nest blue, watermelon, taffy and cherry chocolate :)I kept all the same furniture and stuff. So it's been fun making everything work!

  2. That is quite a change in the color palette!!! Out of curiosity.... what color is "taffy"????