Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally! Some Groceries!

My life has been insane lately. Completely and totally insane. My budget is showing it. So are my pantry, freezer and fridge. So, Wednesday, after Root Canal Part II, I managed to pop into the grocery store. Yea! Finally! Let me tell you, Princess Penelope was awfully pleased that there was SOMETHING in the house. She was on the verge of junk food withdrawals!

Anyway, here's what I bought:

Publix Cheddar Cheese
2 Vitamin Waters
2 Philadelphia Cooking Creme
2 International Delight Coffee Creamers
3 "Busy" Rollhide Chews
1 Mueller Ziti
1 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granola Bars
1 Lipton Extra Noodle Soup
1 Publix Shells & Cheese (Penny Item!)
1 Red Baron Pizza
1 Banquet Chicken Patty
3 Beggin Strips
4 Ramen Noodles
1 Sun Chips
2 Rachel Ray Just 6 Dog Treats
1 Hormel Compleats
2 Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies

Total Spent: $34.32
Total Saved: $49.81

Special thanks to April at Single Lifeline -- I won the great dog treat coupons in a contest on her site! Thing 1 and Thing 2 are immensely grateful!


  1. AWWWWWW Thank you! I wondered if you got them yet. :)

  2. I did --- sorry for not letting you know! Insanity is definitely my middle name right now!