Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back to Normal

Well, techinically, that will start tomorrow, I guess! Today will be anything but normal because I am worn slap out. I worked all day yesterday, then had a side gig meeting last night until almost 9, then spent another 3 1/2 hours on the computer working on the side gig. Went to bed around 1, then was up at 5 because the Princess had basketball practice at 6 a.m. (ouch). I will now work all day, then go to another meeting tonight and really don't anticipate walking in the door until 9 again. Sigh. On 4 hours of sleep. Sigh again.

BUT I will go to bed at a reasonable time tonight --- and then hopefully be back in business tomorrow! I have a fully functioning kitchen sink again and that makes me incredibly happy! You never really realize exactly HOW much you use the sink until you don't have use of it! My house is looking respectable, although definitely not perfect. The Halloween decorations are finally put up (two weeks late) and I made a passing nod to Thanksgiving with a wreath on my door. We travel for Thanksgiving, so this weekend I will begin the process of decorating for Christmas. I won't put the outdoor decorations up until after Thanksgiving, but I can go ahead and get a start on the inside --- with 4 trees planned to go up in my teensy tiny house, it will take a bit of time and its easier on me (and my shopping and football schedule) if I don't wait to do it all after Thanksgiving. I figure if I can get small portions done in advance, then Princess and I can really enjoy the whole trimming the big tree!

So that's my plan for "normal" such as it is!


  1. Wow. You sure have been a busy bee! Prop your feet off and have a very restful sleep tonight.

    Your 'normal' setting would surely wear me down to a halt!

  2. I'm definitely an early bird with the Christmas decorations. We travel for the holidays, so I try to get mine put away before Christmas Eve, so when we get back from vacation, they're not mocking us. ;-) Therefore, I have to have them up early enough to enjoy them!