Tuesday, November 8, 2011


What a week/weekend it has been. I totalled up the hours I've worked in the past week on the side gig and the regular job and it comes out to.... 76 hours from Monday - Sunday. No WONDER I'm exhausted and to top it off, am now battling the sinus crud.

Some highlights and lowlights from my week:

1. I made enough working the side gig deal to cover my financial investment, so if the leads and bookings I got pan out, then it was WELL worth it. Right now, I'm pretty darn pumped about the possibilities.  (Highlight)

2. Saw tons of people I hadn't seen in years including friends from high school, sorority sisters and even present day friends --- all who said, "I didn't realize you were doing this!" (Highlight)

3. Thing 1 and Thing 2 threw a couple of parties while I was gone --- they got into the leftover Halloween candy (fortunately not much chocolate left), ate a bag of cookies and learned the fine art of knocking over the garbage can. (Lowlight)

4. My beloved Alabama Crimson Tide dashed their NC dreams with a shoot themselves in the foot performance against LSU (we need a kicking game, desperately!). (Lowlight)

5. My brother came home from Tampa to attend the big game --- which due to my work schedule necessitated me getting up at 5 a.m. to meet him for breakfast on Sunday morning. (Highlight --seeing him. Lowlight: 5 a.m.)

6. Princess Penelope picked up some of my slack around the house with my crazy work schedule this weekend. While it wasn't in perfect shape, at least it wasn't pull my hair out bad! (Highlight)

7. I'm really excited and totally pumped up about growing my business! Can't WAIT to see what's in store! (Highlight)

So, that about covers it --- I'm WAY behind on reading what's been going on with everyone else! Hope to catch up on that soon!


  1. I am tired just reading all of this. Glad that your few days of effort will have a big payoff!

  2. Hey, 4.5 highlights out of 7, not bad at all! Glad that you're back. Dont push yourself too much, you need some rest! I'm glad you're excited for how your business is going, and hope to see it keeps getting better. Welcome back.

  3. Congrats on making enough on your side gig!