Saturday, November 19, 2011

Losing It

At this point, I can't really decide if I'm losing my mind or if I'm just so overwhelmed with all I've had going on that I'm just really disorganized. Probably a little of both. I do know this though, I've set my side gig back hugely and all it took was a few minutes of inattention.

Wednesday night I met some friends for dinner. As always, I had my side gig tote bag with me (you never know when an opportunity might present itself!). Had a GREAT dinner with friends and really enjoyed the camraderie. It was the first night this year that I'd been out and about and it was really actually cold. So in addition to my tote bag, I also had my purse, my coat and a scarf. And then I had a go box because I really only picked at my dinner. So when it came time to go, I paid my check, gathered up my stuff, made a quick stop at the store and then got home and unloaded the car. Laptop, gobox, groceries, purse..... I put away the groceries, checked email, and went to bed. I woke up Thursday and got busy with my day. Thursday evening, I went to go get my tote bag so I could get my contacts out of there and make some phone calls. Where is the tote bag? Did I leave it in the car? I went to search the car. No bag. I looked all over the house, no bag. Crap. Well, maybe I left it at work. So, I got up Friday morning and searched the car again. No bag. Maybe its at the office. Got there, no bag. (Smack myself in the forehead --- the restaurant!) At lunch time, I headed over there. They haven't seen it. I leave my name and number and say I'll be back after work to talk to the owner (known him for years so thought he may have seen it and put it aside for me). Came back after work... still no bag, he hasn't seen it! UGH!!!!

Those four solid days of business building I did? GONE. History. Every single one of those contacts was IN that bag! I hadn't had a chance to put them in my computer yet. I am SO FRUSTRATED with myself! I normally don't go around losing things. I may misplace them at this disaster I sometimes call a house, but I never leave stuff other places! I am just so ill with myself.

So, today is a new day. I've got another side gig event planned today, and while I know it doesn't have the possibilities the other one did, I can at least go forward with it and try not to dwell on the lost opportunities that were in that bag!

Wish me luck!


  1. Maybe one of your friends picked it up by mistake, and don't know they have it?? I hope you find it.....that would upset me as well.

    Good for you for moving forward though...I would spend a week stomping around about it.

  2. Oh no. I hope you find your bag! I had a gut feeling you were going to say you couldnt find it. It is such a bad feeling. Do call your friends and everyone that was involved, hopefully someone has it tucked away with stuff they hadnt put away and didnt notice an extra bag there... best of luck. Love your go-getter attitude! Best of luck on this new gig.

  3. Oh! I'm still stomping! But trying not to dwell on it --- and gulping a TUMS everytime I think about it and get that sick to my stomach feeling!

  4. I hope you find your bag! I'm sorry.

  5. Sorry about the bag....that sucks!! 8-( Best not to dwell on it tho, but dang!
    It's prolly early menopause symptons. I tried to put gas in the car last week, on the side of the car WithOUT a gas tank Look forward to lots of brain farts in your future. ;-)