Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Official --- I Have Lost My Ever Loving Mind

So this evening we had a parents meeting for Girls Basketball. Princess Penelope plays Varsity, so they had a meeting to discuss schedule, practices, grades, concession stands --- all that stuff that goes along with it. No problem, I've heard it all before and was in fact a little sentimental that this was the last time that I was going to sit through one of those meetings. Then they get around to talking about the Veterans Day Tournament we are hosting -- which tips off in 9 days. And they mention that they need a volunteer to head up the hospitality room. Silence.

Before I actually consciously knew what I was doing, I pulled out my cellphone and sent my boss a text asking for that day off. WTH? She texted back immediately that would be fine. So, before my brain could register the "Are you completely nuts?" -- I raised my hand and volunteered. To run a hospitality room for all of the visiting coaches and refs. To organize a group of parents (most of whom could not be bothered to show at the meeting) to bring food and man shifts in the room. To cook and organize and drive myself into an insane frenzy for three solid days.

It's Official. I've lost my mind.


  1. You haven't lost your mind! It just went on an unscheduled, unannounced vacation. See how quickly you texted such crazyness to your boss? That was the first sign your mind was out of the office. Maybe it just went for a cup of coffee and when it returned and saw what you had done... it decided to take a few days off.

    But I am sure that after all the stress is sorted out, this could end up being fun and worthwhile. Sillyness aside, you can do this. You're not crazy, just mindless for the time being. Take the challenge and do the best of the situation. Best of luck! Better start organizing and creating to do lists.

  2. Oops! What were you thinking? LOL. I used to be that person - for about 10 years - and I finally had enough (especially when I was being criticized for how or what I was doing by parents who didn't want to do it themselves!) and just started saying "no, sorry I can't help". You'll do great with it and just remember next time you are tempted to say "i'll have to check my schedule and get back to you" and by then you'll be back to your senses :-)

  3. I was that person for like 10 years and three kids. May the force be with you!!!


  4. Good luck! You're a good parent for signing up to handle that.

  5. My Dad used to tell my Mom to sit on her hands at any parent organization meetings so that she would stop volunteering for things like that.

    I'm about 3 hours south of Birmingham if you get desperate for help, I make damn good cupcakes.

  6. Thanks y'all! I'm hoping for a super successful event!!!!!Still think I've lost it though!