Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Response, Please!!!!

No, not y'all.....but the parents of our girls basketball program. I mentioned last week that I had lost my mind and volunteered to run the hospitality room for the Girls Varsity Basketball Tournament. Since then, I have sent numerous emails and made numerous phone calls only to get VERY little response. Out of 28 parents contacted, at this point exactly 5 have responded and agreed to bring food for the hospitality room. Exactly ZERO have agreed to help with the labor end.

I know that "giving" is down everywhere. I get that. I know that I personally have to carefully consider where my money goes and the best use for it when it comes to giving. But, COME ON, this tournament raises funding for the program that your child participates in and you can't make a freaking plate of brownies? Or give 2 hours of your time to work the hospitality room, concession stand or gate? I actually had one parent tell me that she was just too busy to do anything because in addition to her full-time job, she is giving a dinner party Saturday night (funny that the signature line of her email indicated she worked for a bank so I know full well she is off work on Friday!).... I very sweetly and somewhat sarcastically commiserated, "Oh, I completely understand being busy..... as a single parent working a full-time job and another side business, I do empathize, but in order to have a successful tournament we need to have participation from all families in the program. Can you at least send some brownies or cookies?" She finally agreed to send some drinks. Gee, thanks, enjoy your dinner party.

I guess it just astounds me that parents aren't quicker to step up to the plate to do something that will, in the long run, benefit their child and the program they are involved in! I'm not asking for a lengthy commitment, I'm asking for a tiny fraction of time --- and really, if they are just completely unwilling, at least have the gumption to respond so I'll quit wasting my time trying to contact them!

Okay. End of rant!


  1. I am secretary of our PTA, and I co-chair 3 major events a year. It is amazing how little people are willing to help....but how big their mouths are when they don't like something!

  2. I hear so much about this from contributing parents... any way to get the kids to get their parents involved, or is that an equally lost battle?

  3. Thats too bad! :( When it comes to my kids I am always willing to go above & beyond wat is expected. I think we should all be this way when it comes to our kids!

  4. I remember doing stuff for DD while she was in school, and it was the same parents doing all the work over the years and like Mysti, the ones who did nothing, complained about everything!

  5. I go back & forth. I have no problem helping with something, but I feel like I'm constantly being asked to bring/buy/pay for something at school & it's super hard to juggle. I don't mind bringing something, but at the school my kids go to, the expectation is that I'll take two hours & help supervise the activity in the middle of the day. It's very difficult for me to do that more than once/month given my work schedule, & then I'm made to feel like the slacker mom. Hate that.

    Money or food prep is a little easier to handle, but volunteer time during the school day is challenging. I'm one of the only working moms in my son's class, so I *know* that all of the other moms will be there, & I won't, which makes my son sad. He's five.