Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time to Regroup....

The last two weeks have been a complete and utter whirlwind, starting with Halloween night. On Halloween, I volunteered at the Police Department giving out candy. The next night I had a parents meeting for basketball (which is where I volunteered to run the hospitality room). The next night, I was cooking up a storm and getting supplies in order to work the side gig for four days straight. The next four days were consumed with working the side gig. After that, I worked non stop during my "home" hours preparing for the tournament. Then I did the tournament. After I got home yesterday, I started the mad frenzy of cleaning all the serving pieces, and cleaning the kitchen which was a disaster.

That was not successful, as the sink decided to clog up. Crap. My Dad is coming over today to take the pipes apart. In the meantime, I have a kitchen full of dirty dishes. Laundry is piled up. I haven't even taken my Halloween decorations down yet. My yard is covered in leaves. I haven't even glanced at my vaccuum cleaner which I set on fire a couple of weeks ago to deal with it. And I have NO CLUE where I stand financially this month.

Time to make a list. Time to get things in order. I'm just going to pretend the kitchen doesn't exist until my Dad comes to deal with the sink problem. The Halloween decorations are coming down in a matter of minutes before my neighbors vote me "Redneck of the Year". I'll deal with the leaves on the front walk so no one slips, but the leaves can be dealt with next weekend since after all, more are just going to fall. We need clean clothes. We need groceries. I need to pay bills. And the house needs to be cleaned, top to bottom. THOSE are the priorities.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck with your "regrouping"! :)

  2. You can do it!
    [tries not to laugh at "Redneck of the year"]

    Like you said, make a list. Dont get overwhelmed because so much needs to be done and you can't see the whole picture. Take it one (or two, if you may) items at a time and you'll have it done in no time.