Monday, November 14, 2011

Still No Sink

Saturday, while I was in a mad flurry of washing serving pieces and cookware from the tournament, my sink clogged up. I plunged it to no avail. I tried chemicals WHICH I HATE DOING. That at least cleared the clog enough for it to drain out --- slowly --- but it was still backed up. That necessitated a call to dear old Dad who came by yesterday to try and clear the drain.

First, he tried snaking it. That didn't work.Then he took the pipes apart (and let me just say that sink drain pipes are G-ROSS). The clog wasn't in the pipes under the sink. We, well rather, HE discovered that there was a sediment build up in the pipe that goes into the wall. A hard crusty sediment that has apparently built up over time (likely years and years). And he didn't have tools with enough power to clear it. So.... its time for a call to to a plumber to fix the problem.

So, I have now been two full days without the use of my kitchen sink. We switched to using paper plates and such for the time being (I rarely use paper so I was glad that I had picked some up at some point when I got them free or nearly free because of coupons) I had Princess Penelope pick up take out from a local italian place on her way home last night for dinner.

The plumber will come today and we should be back in business. Of course I have a meeting tonight so I won't be able to get the kitchen back in order until roughly 9 p.m. Sigh. I'm ready to have my sink back!


  1. Yikes - being without a sink would suck. Hope you are back in business asap!